Trailer Vibration Effects

Horses are transported more frequently than any other type of livestock.  Trailer transport to athletic competitions, performance events, and breeding farms is commonplace among equine enthusiasts, and there has been a longstanding concern over the amount of stress the passenger horse experiences during transit.  Attempts have been made to minimize discomfort such as improving trailer air flow and adding padding to divider gates.  Although trailer box designs have changed over the years, little progress has been made in the one part of the transport vehicle that the passenger horse is always in contact with – the trailer floor.

That is until now.  The Miti-GAIT Equine Transport Mattress system with patented Air Channel Technology, proven to dissipate road impacts and mitigate body vibration, will set a new standard of care for horse transport.

Equine professionals understand the exhausting effect that trailering has on the equine athlete.  For decades, trainers have implemented specific rest protocols designed to recover the transported horse upon arrival and prior to athletic competiton.  Studies have concluded that a trailered horse needs at least a 48-hour rest period following transport to allow alterations in blood values to normalize.

Although stress is not easily defined, we all know what stress is, and horse enthusiasts know particularly well the effects of stress on the travelled horse.  Road rumble and vibration, pothole impacts, frequent changes in inertia, and other constant stimuli creates a chaotic atmosphere that is cumbersome, uncomfortable, and at times even brutal to the highly responsive horse.

Research shows that trailerering causes stress to the horse during transit, and can result in altered physiologic responses and increase the frequency of injury.  Reduced athletic performance, decreased reproduction, increased rate of disease, and altered biochemical parameters have all been associated with transport stress.

To help the equine athlete arrive fresh for competition, it is important to minimize stress resulting from whole body vibration and floor-to-hoof impacts due to road terrain.  Only the Miti-GAIT Transport Mattress utilizes proven technology to reduce the harmful effects of horse trailer transport.  Our patented cushioning system incorporates a highly engineered air channel arrangement to redirect vertical impact and vibration energies into horizontal passages, dissipating these harmful forces before they reach the horses body.

Does a hard trailer floor covered with rubber or foam mats seem at all adequate for the sensitive horse passenger, especially when considering that these materials have been shown to be ineffective at reducing vibration? Fit your trailer with Miti-GATI Transport Mattresses, and have your horses finally ride in comfort.